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Risk Analysis and Crop Insurance

Santeramo, F.G. (2019) I Learn, you Learn, we Gain: Experience in Crop Insurance MarketsApplied Economic Perspectives & Policy. 41(2), 284–304 (downloadable: Working Paper)
Santeramo, F.G., Goodwin, B.K., Adinolfi, F., Capitanio, F. (2016) Farmer Participation, Entry and Exit decisions in the Italian Crop Insurance ProgramJournal of Agricultural Economics. 67(3), 639–657 (downloadableWorking Paper)

Trade Policies

Santeramo, F.G., Lamonaca E. (2019) The effects of non-tariff measures on agri-food trade: a review and meta-analysis of empirical evidenceJournal of Agricultural Economics. 70(3), 595–617 (downloadable: Working PaperDownload the codes 
Dal Bianco A., Boatto V., Caracciolo F., Santeramo F.G. (2016) Tariffs and non-tariff frictions in the world wine trade European Review of Agricultural Economics. 43(1):3157 (downloadableWorking Paper)
Santeramo F.G., Cioffi A. (2012) The entry price threshold in EU agriculture: deterrent or barrier? Journal of Policy Modeling. 34: 691-704. (downloadable: Working Paper)
Cioffi A., Santeramo F.G., Vitale C. (2011). The price stabilization effects of the EU entry price scheme for fruits and vegetables. Agricultural Economics 42: 405-418. (downloadable: Working Paper)

Price Analyses

Lence, S.H., Moschini, G., Santeramo, F.G. (2018) Threshold Cointegration and Spatial Price Transmission when Expectations MatterAgricultural Economics 49(1):25-39 (downloadableWorking Paper) Awarded the Best Article in Agricultural Economics, by IAAE
Santeramo, F.G., Cramon-Taubadel S. (2016) On Perishability and Vertical Price Transmission: empirical evidences from ItalyBio-based Applied Economics. 5(2):199-214 (downloadableWorking Paper)
Santeramo F.G. (2015) Price transmission in the European tomatoes and cauliflowers sectors Agribusiness: an International Journal 31(3):399–413 (downloadableWorking Paper) Awarded the prize “Antonio Cioffi” 2016  Download the codes 

Global Challenges

Santeramo, F.G., Lamonaca, E., Tappi, M., Di Gioia, L. (2020) On the Environmental Impacts of Voluntary Animal-based Policies in the EU: Technical and Political Considerations. Environmental Science and Policy.(downloadable: Working Paper)
Santeramo, F.G., Searle S. (2019) Linking soy oil demand from the US Renewable Fuel Standard to palm oil expansion through an analysis on vegetable oil price elasticities. Energy Policy. 127:19-23 (downloadable: Working Paper) – Reply to Taheripour, Delgado and Tyner (2020)
Santeramo F.G. (2015) On the composite indicators for food security: decisions matter! Food Reviews International. 31:63-73. (downloadableWorking Paper and Extension paper)
Santeramo, F.G., Khan, N. (2015) The income-elasticity of calories, macro and micro nutrients: What is the literature telling us? Food Research International. 76(4) (downloadableWorking Paper)
Caracciolo F., Santeramo F.G. (2013) Price Trends and Income Inequalities: Will Sub-Saharan Africa Reduce the Gap? African Development Review 25: 42-54. (downloadableWorking Paper)

Consumer Studies

Santeramo, F.G., Lamonaca E. (2020) Evaluation of geographical label in consumers’ decision making process: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Food Research International xx:xx-xx (downloadableWorking Paper)
Santeramo F.G., Carlucci, D., De Devitiis, B., Seccia, A., Stasi, A., Viscecchia, R., Nardone, G. (2018) Emerging trends in European food, diets and food industryFood Research International 104:39-47 (downloadableWorking Paper)
Santeramo, F.G., Carlucci D., De Devitiis B., Nardone G., Viscecchia, R. (2017) On consumption patterns in oyster markets: the role of attitudes. Marine Policy. 79(5):54-61 (downloadableWorking PaperDownload the codes 
Carlucci D., De Devitiis B., Nardone G., Santeramo, F.G. (2017) Certification Labels vs Convenience Formats: What drives the market in aquaculture products? Marine Resource Economics. 32(3):295–310 (downloadableWorking PaperDownload the codes 
Santeramo F.G., Barbieri C. (2016) On the demand for agritourism: a cursory review of methodologies and practiceTourism Planning & Development. 14(1):139-148 (downloadableWorking Paper)
Santeramo, F.G., Morelli, M. (2015) Modeling tourism flows through gravity models: A quantile regression approach Current Issues in Tourism 19(11):1077-1083 (downloadableWorking Paper)
Santeramo F.G. (2015) Promoting the international demand for agritourism – empirical evidence from a dynamic panel data model Tourism Economics. 21(4): 907-916 (downloadableWorking Paper)
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