Short Resume

Fabio Gaetano Santeramo, PhD

Fabio G. Santeramo received his Bachelor degrees in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bari (Italy), his MSc in Economics at Iowa State University (USA), and his doctorate in Agricultural Economics at the University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy). In 2016 he has completed his PhD in Economics at the North Carolina State University (USA), awarded as Best Italian PhD Dissertation by SIDEA and AISSA.

Since 2014 Fabio Santeramo has been at at the University of Foggia, as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor. Since 2018, he has been awarded the National Scientific Habilitation for Full Professor.

Member of the IATRC since 2017, Fabio has taught in Italy, in the Netherlands, and in USA (University of Bari, University of Naples “Federico II”, Iowa State University, North Carolina State University, Wageningen University & Research); he has served as consultant for the CIHEAM, the FAO, te ICCT, the EU Commission, the IATRC, and the IFPRI; he has authored more than sixty peer-reviewed articles, and is coauthoring with more than thirty colleagues from Germany, Italy, Pakistan, Spain, Turkey, and the USA. Fabio Santeramo has been awarded the Best Article by a Young Researcher by the AIEAA (2016).

His research has been published in top field journals such as Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, European Review of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Agricultural Economics, and Agricultural Economics.

Last update: 8/2018

Current publications, citations and h-index in Scopus: 32, 207 and 8.

Ranking among Italian Economists on IDEAS: 592 (Q1) out of 3027 (in Italy) 


Awarded the “Antonio Cioffi” (Best research paper of a Young Scholar, under-35)


Presenting at the AIEAA Conference (Bologna, 2016)

Invited lecture – Rotary Club Barletta (Barletta, 2016)

Teaching at the Summer School on Risk in Agriculture (Wageningen, 2017)


Best Italian PhD Dissertation in Agricultural Economics (SIDEA, 2017)

Selected Co-authors (alph. order)

Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel, Chair of Agricultural Policy

Georg-August-Universitat Goettingen

Barry K. Goodwin, WNR Distinguished Professor, AAEA President and Fellow

North Carolina State University

Sergio Lence, Professor and Marlin Cole Chair of International Agricultural Economics

Iowa State University

Giancarlo Moschini, Professor and Chair in Science & Technology Policy, AAEA Fellow

Iowa State University

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